yaaaa welcome our hella new mod w open arms my lil kittenz

send asks plsss <333333

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Hey guys, a little new management here, -modify is glad to be coming aboard ::)

The askbox is currently OPEN

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hey guys! it seems the other mod isnt posting at all, and im kinda the only one doing work on the blog. occasionally. (though im gonna kick my ass into gear real soon) 

im looking for a mod or two! especially artist mods. please send an ask if you’re interested 


(( hi im gavin and im a trash mod don’t talk to me. 
but in all seriousness PLEASE SEND ASKS ))

(( i don’t think any of the other mods are even alive help me. ))

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Anonymous asked:
bitches aint shit and they aint sayin nothing 100 mothafuckers cant tell me nothin

                                    B—E—EZ IN T)(A TRAP


(( pssst please send us in questions <3 -radmod ))

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(( wowee i totally forgot about this blog. man, it’s like 3 am and im hella sorry for not postin anything for like a week and jst
here have an answer i did up in like 10 minutes
i hope u all enjoy my new drawin style -radmod ))

(( wow! we’re nine away from 400!!!! i’ll whip up a li’l something for when we get 400 followers. something for, all of you people.
but honestly. just. wow? four hundred. living. breathing. beings, decided they like what we post. i think that’s incredible. <3 i love you all! O: 

-radmod ))

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