(( heyo, we’re starting up asks again, and you should really send a few in. >:] -radmod ))

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(( seeing as i’m getting a new tablet around easter, i’ll begin answering asks shortly. i really wanna start answering them now, but i also wanna make sure you guys have quality digital art instead of photos of drawingz. that’s like. unrad. :/ 

sorry if it like, inconveniences any of you or something? i just want to give ya the best i can, heheheh. so sit tight, asks will be answered soon. -radmod )) 

(( well you see i don’t have a tablet rn so here it is folks. merry 4/13 to all, and to all a good jane/john’s birthday!!!! -hella rad new mod, radmod ))

Looking for mods!

As you’ve probably noticed I haven’t updated… for a while. That’s because char’s (long) gone and I have, well, school and stuff. Plus I’ve kind of run out of ideas and motivation to continue answering asks. I’m really sorry to you all, especially those with unanswered asks.

However, I am willing to pass on this blog to anyone who is willing! The requirement is that you must be able to/willing to draw out/cosplay/?? asks. If you’re interested please shoot me an ask. Thanks, and again, I’m sorry :(






thank goodness for w1ngs…

(( 5 questions only! everythings back to normal now, its been fun…)

I do talk to Kankri, 8ut I do not “sign” to him in any way.

Kurloz does.